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How to install and assemble a 6m geodesic dome tent

Time : 2022-09-09 Hits : 22

Prepare your tools and workers
You need M10 spanners, M6 hex key allen wrench, knife, hammer, tape measure, helmets and gloves, ropes, percussion drill, electric hand drill, cable drum, ladders. Workforce required: 4-6 people.


1.Firstly, assemble the door frame, and positioning the anchor point, placing the anchor plate and the struts of base ring. Placing the struts of first tier.
2.Assemble the first tier of struts with anchor plates, the struts should be assembled at the outside. Then assemble the locking bolt, washer and nut from outside to inside at the dome center.
3.Assemble the door frame with the tent frame, and assemble the second tier of struts from the door frame
4.Assemble the top of the frame
5.Assemble the insulation lining from the center top of the frame, tie the insulated lining on the frame with strap from top to bottom.
6.Install the window frame into it. Measure and choose the right direction, and loosen the nuts, assemble the window frame in the struts, tighten the nuts.
7.Assemble the outer PVC cover. Tie the cover with two ropes, throw ropes over the top of the frame, pull the cover over the frame and make it cover the dome, adjust the position of the cover, using the fixing rods, J-bolts and nuts to keep the cover in place with the base ring.
8.Install the door and the lock set of the door, tighten and fold the cover, align the edge of it to the door frame. On the door frame, drill screw holes and install the screws on an aluminum strip to fix the cover to the door frame.
9.Draw the outline mark of window for later installation, install the window on the window frame installed before.
Cut holes in a liner and cover for skylights, solar exhaust fans, air conditioners and so on.