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Things You Need to Know before You Buy a set of Stage Truss

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1. What kinds of truss structures are there in stage construction?
There are four kinds of trusses. Trapezoidal truss, hollow truss, triangular truss, polygonal truss.


Trapezoid truss: The upper and lower chords of the trapezoid truss are parallel to the parallel chord truss. The stress of the members is slightly worse than that of the trapezoid, but the types of web members are greatly reduced, and they are mostly used in bridges and trestle bridges.
Hollow truss: The axial force distribution of the hollow truss members is similar to that of the polygonal truss, but the bending moment values at the ends of the members vary greatly under asymmetric loads. The advantage is that there are fewer rods intersecting at the nodes, and the construction and manufacturing are convenient.
Triangular truss: The triangular truss is mostly used in the roof truss of tile roofs due to the large difference in the internal force of the chord and the unreasonable material consumption.
Polygonal truss: Polygonal truss has uniform distribution of axial force on the upper and lower chords, small axial force of web members, and the most economical materials. It is a truss form commonly used in engineering.


2.How to Determine the Stage Truss Specifications?
Before construction, the scale of the event and the expected number of participants should also be considered, and the specifications of the stage truss should be selected according to the effect of the event and the venue.
After selecting the stage area, choose the truss, the required span and load-bearing capacity, how much lighting, sound and other equipment need to be fixed, and where to fix it.


3.How Much Should a set of Truss Stage Cost?
The service characteristics of each company are different. The price of stage construction is directly proportional to the size, scale and quality of the stage. The more formal the venue, the larger the scale, and the higher the quality of stage construction, the higher the price will naturally be.
Stage construction costs 45-80 Dollars per square meter. Light stands are based on the length of the stage and the number of lights used. The price is between 200 and 300. These are just reference prices.