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Wedding Tent - Walkable Building

Time : 2022-09-01 Hits : 68

With modular structure design and flexible construction process, the Wedding Tent provides a comfortable indoor place for various outdoor activities, which is known as "walkable building".


At the same time, the interior of the large Wedding Tent adopts the integrated design of architecture, structure and equipment, and one-stop professional service. During the design process, the installation accessories that may be exposed are cleverly hidden in the structure to make the overall details as perfect and tidy as possible, so as to create a comfortable and worry-free mobile building for customers.
The large wedding tent is tailor-made for customers. The whole structure is built with aluminum alloy support to solve the problem of rust caused by large water and gas in the local environment. The paint baking process has very good corrosion resistance and durability, and can not fade for more than 20 years. In terms of appearance design, diversified structural design is selected. On the premise of not affecting the original vegetation, the structure of polygonal and A-shaped tent is used to make the large Wedding Tent look more designed, and the surrounding vegetation adds green beauty to the tent.