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What is an aluminum truss for and how much it may cost?

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Aluminum Alloy truss is a support component which widely used in the structural construction of numerous apparatuses, from lighting fixtures for large indoor or outdoor events to actual components of roofing systems used to support roof loads. These support components are made entirely from hollow aluminum tube, which can either be cylindrical or square in shape. Structurally speaking, the cylindrical tube shape is a more conducive structure to load-bearing equipment. Aluminum truss is used in more places than most people notice, from simple displays in store fronts or outdoor festivals to structural roofing systems to support lighting arrangements at concert venues.


The way that aluminum trusses are designed allows them to be used structurally in many different ways. Usually, the aluminum truss system is a four-tube system held together by a series of braces that run in both a vertical and diagonal pattern to support any type of weighted load, regardless of the direction of force the load puts on the truss system. The design of these aluminum truss systems make them as versatile as any material, and more versatile than many others. There are many different series or values in aluminum truss systems, from light duty to heavy, more structural duty, with different capabilities and weight ratings for each grade of system.


Where truss systems are used in a structural sense, for example in overhead catwalks or lighting arrangement housings, the dimension and overall shape of the truss system is usually a four-post arrangement held together by a series of cross braces. In more subtle uses, like storefront displays or large outdoor display units, the shape of the truss system may change from a four-post system to a three-post system that takes on a triangular shape, though in most cases it’s still held together by a series of cross members.

When the use of the aluminum truss system is for decorative uses only and does not require any structural strength, the truss system used is usually a two-post ladder system. This generally consists of two main support posts. The posts are generally installed by a staggered cross member system.

The cost of different aluminum truss systems depends directly on the design of the structure you need. How many of each different type of section are needed also impacts cost, as well as the manufacturer that provides the system. The best results are often produced through research, allowing consumers to determine the most reasonably priced supply.