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Aluminum Alloy Trusses

Aluminum truss, planar or spatial structure consisting of straight bars, usually with triangular elements. Under loads, the truss rods mainly bear axial tension or stress, which can make full use of the strength of the material, the span is larger than the plain girder to save material, reduce weight and increase the stiffness of the bearing structure of reason is suitable for large span and tall structures, such as roof, bridge, transmission line tower, satellite towers, gate, crane frame, etc. Commonly used are steel trusses, reinforced concrete trusses, prestressed concrete trusses, wood trusses, steel and wood trusses, steel and concrete trusses.


How to build a beautiful aluminum stage?

A visually comfortable aluminum stage is inseparable from a suitable truss, which should not only consider several elements of the aluminum truss, but also many influencing factors. From the point of view of quality, the most important are the triangular trusses made of suitable roof truss, polygons with economical materials, they are commonly used in bridge ladder trusses and high construction efficiency hollow trusses; The establishment of our aluminumstage optimizes the selection of fixed trusses and ensures the safety of the stage through such comparison.


Outdoor Wedding Tent

The large wedding tent is tailor-made for customers. The whole structure is built with aluminum alloy support to solve the problem of rust caused by large water and gas in the local environment. The paint baking process has very good corrosion resistance and durability, and can not fade for more than 20 years. In terms of appearance design, diversified structural design is selected. On the premise of not affecting the original vegetation, the structure of polygonal and A-shaped tent is used to make the large Wedding Tent look more designed, and the surrounding vegetation adds green beauty to the tent.