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Application of Storage Tents in Logistics Enterprises

July 22,2023

Large industrial storage tents are widely used in many enterprises, not only can solve the problems of insufficient warehouse space, but also can easily deal with the problem of cargo accumulation, and easily cope with the placement of goods in the off-peak season of the enterprise. Moreover, logistics requires a lot of storage space to place goods, so storage tents play a very important role in logistics companies.


Logistics storage tents can also be called mobile tents, and general industrial large-scale storage tents can be used as logistics greenhouses.

Domestic logistics storage tents can span from 3m to 50m, and the length can be infinitely extended in multiples of 3m or 5m. Moreover, the interior is a large clear span structure, which can make good use of its space and greatly improve the utilization rate. In addition, its cost is low. Compared with traditional buildings, storage tents have lower costs. Due to its advantages such as simple materials, easy to master the manufacturing process, and short construction period, the price of storage tents is relatively low under the premise of meeting the basic requirements for use, which can help logistics companies save construction costs. Environmental protection and energy saving Since the storage tent is constructed of light materials, its impact on the environment is relatively small. In addition, in some areas or when the temperature is high in seasons, traditional fixed buildings may consume a lot of electricity for air conditioning to cool down. The storage tent can achieve energy saving and emission reduction through natural ventilation and sunshade.


Therefore, storage tents have become an ideal choice for many logistics companies. They can not only meet the storage needs of enterprises, but also have the advantages of flexible operation, low price, and long service life, which can help logistics enterprises better respond to market changes and customer needs.