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Buy Marquee Event Tent is the Best Choice When Holding Large-scale Activities

November 11,2022

marquee tent is widely used for party,

outdoor exhibition tent,outdoor wedding tent, church tent, trade fair tent, celebration tent, cooperation event tent, sports tent (horse riding tent, ice-skating rink, tennis court tent, football court tent etc. ), military tent, temporary warehouse and workshop tent.


Aluminum tent has become the trend of the times.

Its advantages lie in its grand and luxurious appearance, stable performance and super wide width. It has become one of the use options for large-scale exhibitions, etiquette activities, etc. (the applicable specification is 3-50 meters).

Description of metal frame of aluminum alloy tent

1. The frame structure is a special high-strength aluminum alloy structure frame;

2. The structural connection parts are made of high-quality steel. All steel connection parts are subject to hot and cold galvanizing treatment according to international welding standards.


Tarpaulin quality data

1. PVC coated cloth is used for tarpaulin;

2. The top cloth mass is 750-900g/m2, and the surrounding cloth mass is 630-650g/m2;

3. The tarpaulin has B1 grade fireproof, flame retardant, rainproof, UV resistant and self-cleaning functions;

4. Heat resistance: - 30 ℃ - 70 ℃, the performance fully meets European and American standards;

Product features

1. The structure is of unit combination type, which can be increased or decreased at equal distance;

2. Flexible, simple and convenient assembly and disassembly, convenient transportation, etc., it is a special product for outdoor activities, exhibitions and warehousing;

3. The tarpaulin is foldable, and the frame is small after disassembly, which is convenient for transportation and storage;

4. There is no pillar inside the tent, and the site can be used nearly 100%;

5. There is no special need for the construction site. Generally, flat ground such as grass, asphalt, cement and marble can be used.


Precautions for snow loading in the tent

1. For the same main materials, the greater the span, the smaller the bearing capacity;

2. The bearing capacity is in direct proportion to the number of square tubes, the number of cross bridging and the number of roof steel cables;

3. The bearing capacity is inversely proportional to the number of rooms (if one room in a row cannot bear the load, it will cause overall collapse);

4. The bearing capacity of the single group is slightly strong, and the bearing capacity of the parallel gutter cloth connection is slightly poor. When it snows, the gutter cloth needs to be removed or cut to reduce the pressure of the bearing column.

5. During installation, the tightness of frame bolts also affects the pressure bearing capacity of the tent. The loose pressure bearing capacity is small, and vice versa.

6. If the anchor is fixed with expansion screws, the bearing pressure is large; The foundation is not fixed, and the roof is prone to collapse under the pressure of snow, which is very important!

7. The thicker the snow is, the more difficult it is to remove snow. It must be removed in time when the snow is about 3cm thick to ensure the safety of the tent.

Common fixation methods are as follows:

1. The expansion screw fixation is suitable for the concrete floor, which is a temporary solution;

2. Steel chisel fixation, applicable to all soft ground such as grassland or mud ground;

3. The load bearing plate is fixed, which is applicable to all special floors that cannot be damaged;

4. Semi permanent burial and fixation, applicable to concrete ground, is a long-term solution.Customers can choose specific ways to build and fix the tent according to their actual conditions.