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Geodesic Dome Tent Installation Instruction

August 09,2022


A.The first step

First of all, make sure that the terrain of the spherical tent is smooth, and then set a center of a circle on the ground, draw a circle according to the spherical specifications, and determine the position that the spherical door wants to place, and the circle is the construction position of the spherical tent.Then place the base and rod according to the bottom circle. After laying, link the base and rod into a circular base.(Note that all rods shall be mounted on the inner side of the base).We have a variety of spherical tent, for example, the hotel luxury sightseeing dome house  and glass igloo outdoor geodesic dome tent.

B.The second step:Base

Base started after the completion of the first layer of pipeline, and according to the assembly drawing on the control bar coding laying on the ground, and then the corresponding bar and the bottom of the base are connected, and then laying horizontal pipeline connection layer, finishing the set up of the first layer triangular structure can be on the same terms and methods to build the second floor, according to the encoding mark connect the right bar to the specified node, so repeated several times to complete the construction of the higher level!(Attention should be paid to the connection sequence between the rods. The rods of this layer are placed inside, the lower rods are placed in the middle, and the horizontal connecting rods are placed in the outermost layer.


C.Top mounting method

Set up at the top of the structure are in the same way, if highly inconvenient installation, can choose now ground ball part of the installation, then use the ladder or the scaffold carried the ball to the connection with the connection parts under the (more than 10 meters in diameter of the spherical tent need to use crane), and to ensure that all the fastening connection position, so that you can get full spherical tent frame.
We have other spherical tent, for example Transparent Glass PVC Cover Geodestic dome tent andwaterproof 6M glamping geodesic dome tent,If you need to contact the manufacturer