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How to Install Aluminum Frame Marquee Tent?

August 09,2022

Wholesale stage suppliers offer the following instructions:

The wholesale stage supplier offers  these specific instructions below.
1.First, build the gable section to be built and place it on the construction site.


2.The two ends of the gable joint are respectively inserted into the a-beam, and the pull rod is fixed on the a-beam with m20x160 screws.


3.No pull rod is installed on the end face, and the column is directly installed on the tip joint.


4.Connect and fix the corner reinforcing plate with m20x160 screws, and then place the a-beam
between the two reinforcing plates, and connect and fix with the same screws.


5.The side column is connected and fixed with the upper hole of the foundation with m20x140 screws.


6.Connect the middle column joint to the a-beam with m20x160 screws.
7.End face installation completed.
8.Place the end faces of gables to be built on the construction site at intervals. The personnel shall stand in a good position according to the division of labor, and use cranes or other mechanical equipment to carry out hoisting operations. We take the forklift as an example, first tie the rope on the herringbone beam, and then tie it on the forklift. The two people on the opposite side pull the other two ropes respectively to prevent the forklift from pulling over, and also lift the end face of the second gable, straighten and stabilize it. Put the herringbone ladder in place and start to install the front knife support.


9.The movable head at the lower end of the diagonal bracing shall be installed on the hole inside the foundation in advance, and the square tube shall be hung.


10.Hang the square tube at the end of the hook first, and then go up the herringbone ladder or hang the other head with ay-gun. Be careful! When hanging the end face square tube, there are left and right, and the installation direction of the opening and the adjusting rod should be clearly distinguished.



11.Frame complete.
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