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How to correctly choose the aluminum alloy truss that suits your needs

March 02,2023

Outdoor activities need to build a stage, and building a stage requires some tools, so as to make the atmosphere of the event more contagious and explosive, so a truss must be an indispensable tool. So what is a truss? In simple terms: a truss is the metal parts on the stage, which are then built in vertical and horizontal positions so that the stage can be fixed. Only the size of the stage will be different, so what is the difference in size when choosing a truss?

1.Trusses- Stationary Trusses: Stationary trusses are more expensive to ship but can be recycled. There are two types of trusses: round tube and square tube, and their shape can be selected according to needs.

2. Trusses - foldable trusses: Obviously, folding is its biggest advantage, of course, it is more convenient to transport, but the number of times of repeated use will be less.

3. Truss - Butterfly Truss: The so-called butterfly must be superior in appearance and of high artistic value.

The technical characteristics and dimensions of the truss.


Now using the truss, its firmness has been reflected in the welding.

The requirement of welding is precise to ensure the quality of welding. And the excellent baking paint technology is also the diversification of truss colors. If you use a small stage, you can choose a truss of 200*200mm. And 300*300mm and 400*400mm are medium-sized truss sizes. The larger truss sizes are 450*450mm, 500*500mm, and 520*760mm, which can be selected according to the venue and event conditions. If you need it for a long time, you can also contact the truss manufacturer to customize it, and the size can be booked in advance.