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How to correctly choose the event tent that suits your needs

March 15,2023

Tents are a very popular venue for corporate events where indoor space is not available. They’re convenient because they give you the feel of an outdoor event with the climate-controlled atmosphere of an indoor site. The three main types of event tents that are used are:


Frame tents:

These are smaller tents that are supported by an aluminum frame. They can give you an open space with no center poles, which is nice.

Pole tents:

These tents are larger, with poles all around the outside and usually multiple center poles going down the middle. The center poles can become an issue if you’re doing any kind of presentations because they interrupt the line of sight of your guests, but pole tents are great for smaller events where budget is an issue, or for housing the catering operation outside of the actual event venue.

Clear-span tents:

These are the most expensive tents, but also the best. They’re constructed using a big aluminum frame with beams and no center poles, which allows you to hang decorations, sound, and lighting production equipment inside of the tent. These tents can have ceiling up to about 30 feet, and now you can even get them two stories tall and with glass walls and doors. These tents are also very sturdy, with the ability to withstand winds up to seventy miles and hour.


When booking event tents, there are several things you have to take care of:

Calculate the size of tent you will need


The formula for this is simple: for a seated event, you will need ten square feet per person, plus adequate space for food and beverages, stages, dance floors, and other equipment/ features. For a stand-up or reception type of event, you will need seven square feet per person plus space for all other equipment needs. Also, when you’re drawing up your layout, don’t forget about tent poles.

Determine if you will need flooring

If your event tents are going to be erected on an asphalt or concrete surface, you can probably get away with no flooring or just carpet. On grass or another soft surface, flooring is ideal. It also matter whether your event is upscale or casual. If you are hosting an upscale event, you should have a floor even if you’re on asphalt. No matter what, make sure you put some thought into flooring, because its cost can be even higher than the tent rental itself.

Check for water drainage

Check the water drainage around your tent site to make sure that water will drain away from- not towards- the center of the tent if it happens to rain. Avoid placing your tent over low spots in the ground.

Estimate air temperature

Being aware of the temperature during the time of year that you’re hosting your event is crucial; if the outside temperature approaches eighty degrees, the tent can become a greenhouse. Always be ready to add air-conditioning or heating when its needed, and always rent fans during warm weather to increase airflow.