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The Advantages of Buying Marquee Event Tents as a Solution of Temporary Stadium

October 09,2022

Outdoor sports activities are easily affected by the weather, and there are very few indoor sports venues in China. In order to solve the problem of the current situation of domestic venues, the use of traditional concrete buildings cannot be solved in time, and the current temporary construction of large tent stadiums is a large number of buildings.

It is a very practical, economical and suitable choice. I will share with you the specific advantages:
The large stadium tent  is mainly composed of aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulin, and the main body of the tent is a unit combined structure, which can be adjusted by adding or reducing units to adjust the size of the venue, so as to meet the needs of different sports venues and sports. The needs of activities, there are no columns in the large-scale construction, and the space can be reasonably arranged inside, such as conventional basketball, football, badminton, swimming, etc., can meet the requirements, and the space has a wide range of applications.
Compared with the time-consuming and labor-intensive traditional buildings, the construction process of the large tent stadium is very green and environmentally friendly, with almost no garbage and dust generated. The unique modular construction method allows it to be moved according to actual needs, which is in line with sustainable development. idea! At the same time, industrial tent manufacturers provide complete and diversified configurations, and can choose the design according to your needs or your own ideas, providing you with one-stop service, which can be put into use directly after the construction is completed.


large marquee tent - economical and flexible:

1. It can make full use of the spare land in the factory to meet the temporary space needs anytime and anywhere;
2. Compared with traditional buildings, 50% construction cost is saved;
3. Lightweight buildings adapt to various foundation environments, reduce the cost of foundation treatment, and the cost per square meter of above-ground buildings is as low as 200-400 yuan;
4. Reduce the initial investment, improve the efficiency of capital operation, and realize the light-asset operation of the enterprise;
5. Lower maintenance cost and higher output value;
6. Ensure that it can be reused many times, disassemble it at will, and it is very convenient to transport and rebuild after disassembly, and there is almost no loss;
7. Effectively reduce the cost and time cost of leased warehouse transportation, warehousing and secondary damage;


Large marquee tent - fast and practical:

1. The project is about to be approved - the storage tent is a temporary building, and there is almost no need for approval and construction. Significantly save time and cost, and quickly realize warehouse expansion;
2. The draft will be published soon - Guyun Tent has a professional tent design team, and will come up with a feasible design plan within 3 days after fully listening to the demands of the enterprise;
3. Quickly build - the main structure of the warehouse tent is high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which are light and safe, and the construction speed is extremely fast. A warehouse of about 1,000 square meters can be built in one day, which greatly shortens the construction period, quickly puts it into use, and solves the problem in time. Troubled season. When the need is urgent, the construction can be completed and put into use in as little as 3 hours. According to the low and peak seasons of the enterprise, the construction, expansion, relocation and demolition of the warehouse can be quickly realized. After dismantling, it can be re-constructed and used many times, and there is almost no material loss during the process from dismantling to secondary construction.
One of the most important advantages of industrial Marquee Event tents  is the modular design. Through the modular combination of different tents, different functional areas are created to meet the actual production needs. The span of the tent ranges from 3 to 50 meters, the height can be up to 20 meters, and the length can be extended indefinitely. The large-span tent structure provides sufficient internal usable area without columns. The modular design can also be widely compatible with some production facilities, security systems, and more customized tents for expansion. So much flexibility gives you unlimited options to match the pace of your business.