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What is an Aluminum Truss?

November 17,2022

An aluminum truss is a support component used in the structural construction of numerous apparatuses, from lighting fixtures for large indoor or outdoor events to actual components of roofing systems used to support roof loads. These support components are made entirely from hollow aluminum tubing, which can either be cylindrical or square in shape. Structurally speaking, the cylindrical shape is more conducive to load-bearing structures. Aluminum truss work is used in more places than most people notice, from simple displays in store fronts or outdoor festivals to structural roofing systems to support lighting arrangements at concert venues.


The way that aluminum trusses are designed allows them to be used structurally in many different uses. Usually, the aluminum truss system is a four-tube system held together by a series of braces that run in both a vertical and diagonal pattern to support any type of weighted load, regardless of the direction of force the load puts on the truss system. The design of these aluminum truss systems make them as versatile as any material, and more versatile than many others. There are many different series or values in aluminum truss systems, from light duty to heavy, more structural duty, with different capabilities and weight ratings for each grade of system.

As the grade of use decreases, the size and shape of the truss component change. Where truss systems are used in a structural sense, for example in overhead catwalks or lighting arrangement housings, the dimension and overall shape of the truss system is usually a four-post arrangement held together by a series of cross braces. In more subtle uses, like storefront displays or large outdoor display units, the shape of the truss system may change from a four-post system to a three-post system that takes on a triangular shape, though in most cases it’s still held together by a series of cross members.

When the use of the aluminum truss system is for decorative uses only and does not require any structural strength, the truss system used is usually a two-post ladder system. This generally consists of two main support posts. The posts are together by a staggered cross member system.

The cost of different aluminum truss systems depends directly on the design of the desired structure. How many of each different type of section are needed also impacts cost, as well as the manufacturer that provides the system. The best results are often produced through research, allowing consumers to determine the most reasonably priced supply.

Why people choose aluminium truss rather than iron truss

Aluminum truss is a important structural material for event stages, It plays a main role in the truss works. Above all, safety comes first in all around a event, especially for the stage, thus the quality of the truss is the key point.

Why in these days, more and more event organizers and truss rental companies choose aluminium truss rather than iron truss?

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust and it is also the lightest metal compared with the other base metals. It is currently the second most widespread metal after iron (including steel), having penetrated several industrial sectors, and having displaced traditional metals, such as copper, tin, and iron itself. Aluminum is used in the aerospace industry as well as other industries requiring light metal.


Here, I gathered some information and summarized its advantages in following aspects :

1. Aluminum truss has excellent corrosion resistance and durability Comparing with the traditional stage material such as iron, aluminum truss is made of 6061-T6 industrial aluminum material, which has excellent anti-corrosion characteristics, and the service life is much longer than that of iron truss. In general, aluminum a set of truss system can be used for about 10 to 20 years.

2. Aluminum truss has excellent compression capacity

The aluminum truss itself is well-made, and its load-bearing and compression resistance is very good. The average aluminum truss can bear more than 600kg. It can fully meet the needs of large-scale lighting and sound equipment such as various performance stage construction and celebration stage construction. Also, it can be customized design and manufactured into any truss types those truss company prefer, such as roof truss, circular truss, heart truss, dome truss, and etc.

3. Aluminum truss has good quality and it is light weight

Aluminum truss is made of aluminium ally, it is half lighter than the traditional iron truss, which reduces the burden for the stage builders who rely on manual work, so that the stage hoisting and stage erecting process and transportation shall save much cost and labor in the stage projects.

4. Aluminum truss has silver white color

Usually, Aluminum truss is used for concerts,wedding ceremony, indoor parties, events, gatherings and functions, which people shall take part in are very picky on the aesthetic feeling, comparing brown and gray iron, Aluminum truss looks more modern stylish with its silver white color and smooth simple shape.

Regular Accessories of aluminum truss system

Aluminum Layer Truss

Layer Truss is a spatial structure formed by connecting multiple rods through nodes in a certain grid form. It has the advantages of small space stress, light weight, high rigidity, good seismic performance, suitable for large-scale construction and easy dis-assembly; it is often used in large-scale concerts and large-scale events. It is used to hang line array speakers and stage lights.

Square Aluminum Spigot Truss

Square truss is a type of Box Truss and is the most common truss style. According to the connection mode, it can be divided into Spigot Truss and Bolt Truss. Commonly used sizes are: 200*200mm,290*290mm,389*389mm, and the length can be 1 meter or 2 meters as required.


Aluminum Frame Stage

The Aluminum Portable Stage including mobile stage, simple stage, layer stage and folding stage. You can choose the right style in different stage events. The features of the portable stage are quick install, easy transport and save space when not in used.According to the material of the stage board, the stage can be divided into Plywood stage, Acrylic Stage and Carpet Stage. All these stage platforms are heavy duty and can load 600 to 800kg per square. Widely used in Wedding events, Car Exhibitions, Music Concert, indoor and outdoor events, chorus, school, auditorium, ceremony, bands, shows, ect.

Stage Scaffolding

Aluminum scaffolding can solve the problem of high-altitude operation of enterprises. It can overlap according to actual needs. There are two width specifications. The narrow frame can be overlapped on the narrow ground, which is convenient and flexible. He can meet the requirements of high-altitude operations and is a good helper for high-altitude operations of enterprises in narrow corners, stairs and other spaces. Scaffolding is a working platform to ensure the smooth progress of construction. Depending on the site, it can be divided into wooden scaffolding, bamboo scaffolding, and steel pipe scaffolding; according to the structure, it can be divided into vertical scaffolding, bridge scaffolding, portal scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, and climbing scaffolding.

Crowd Barrier

The explosion-proof fence is mainly used for: This product is mainly used for large-scale activities, temporary activities, large-scale exhibitions, car tours, and workshop isolation. Large-scale celebrations, large-scale exhibition meetings, large-scale sports meets and large-scale concerts control the flow of crowds. Features: Reasonable structure, smooth shape, convenient transportation, easy installation, strong environmental adaptability, and strong firmness.

Other Accessories

Including Global Truss Corner, Motor hoist, Swivel Clamp, Tower Hinge, Square Base Plate, etc. Guyun tent is committed to providing a variety of products to satisfy your one-stop purchase. All accessories are designed and manufactured in accordance with high quality standards, and all have passed TUV certification.

Why Choose Guyun?

1. The heavy duty truss is made of aluminum with high hardness. material: 6061-T6.

2. Beautiful appearance and durable.

3. Assemble the accurate positioning, simple.

4. It is suitable for all kind of indoor and outdoor performances.

5. We can manufacture the dimension as your requirement.

6. Reasonable price.

7. Professional R&D team.

8. OEM/ODM is welcome.

9. Large quantity producing capability.


Guyun always offers clients with great quality aluminum truss stage system worldwide, If you have any problem while you purchasing, please send us inquiry, our salesman is online 7/24.