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acrylic stage

You will find that there is a wide selection of acrylic stage options available to meet your requirements, regardless of whether you are looking for a stage for your band or a stage for your dance floor. The design of these stages makes them not only rust-proof but also convenient, and they are simple to put together.

Drum riser

There are many advantages that can come from utilizing a drum riser for an acrylic wedding stage. It is possible for it to lessen the volume of the acoustic drums, making it easier for band members to see each other clearly. Additionally, it may facilitate natural communication between the members of the band. The riser will be able to blend in with the rest of the band's set, which will create an environment for the band to play in that is more natural. Additionally, it is suitable for use in confined settings, such as bars and restaurants, where space is at a premium.

You could also consider using a drum shield, although this will be a more pricey alternative. The volume of the acoustic drummers will be reduced as a result of this, but they will still have their natural sound. The members of the band will also be able to communicate with one another in a more natural manner thanks to the shield.

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