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acrylic wedding stage

Having an acrylic wedding stage at your wedding can be a wonderful addition to your big day. These stages can be custom designed to fit any size, shape, or theme and they are available in a variety of colors. They come with a built-in seating chart and signage. They can be easily cleaned and maintained and they can last for years. They are also very affordable, and can be used at weddings all across the country.

A Cake Come True

Using an acrylic cake stand to accent your wedding cake is a terrific way to make it stand out. The acrylic tiers come in a number of patterns, and some even coordinate with your wedding bouquet. Fill each tier with fresh fruit or flowers, or fill the stand with a range of colors for a kaleidoscope effect. You can also create a floating effect between your layers by utilizing a hoop-shaped cake separator. Acrylic wedding decor is an excellent method to dress up your venue without breaking the bank. It's also simple to incorporate into your design, so you won't have to worry about it sticking out.

The acrylic signage shown below lends a modern touch to a tropical-themed wedding. A unique twist is added by using bamboo accents and LED marquee letters. A wooden stand wrapped in ivory flowery lace might also offer a sense of vintage flair. A hoop shaped cake divider is a terrific way to add a design element to your dessert table if you're searching for the tiniest of the cake-size objects. You might also try separating your cake tiers with a clear acrylic tier to match the acrylic stage platform. Fill the tiers with a beautiful display of flowers or fruits, or go for a more minimalist approach with a simple cake stand and candles.

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