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aluminum truss light

Versatruss has the high-quality, reasonably priced products you require, whether you need a truss light for your stage, entertainment area, or DJ booth. The company's aluminum truss light is a fantastic replacement for conventional lighting fixtures because it is built to last.


An aluminum trussing system is a great option if you need a lightweight truss system as well as aluminium truss to transport display equipment or want to be able to transport show equipment. These devices are portable and simple to set up. In addition to show totems, finish and start line truss kits are just a few applications for them.

Depending on the kinds of connections they employ, there are various types of aluminum truss systems. The 4-pipe truss, also referred to as a box truss, is the type most frequently used in the events industry. These trusses can be used for both small installs and heavy load bearing truss supports. This truss is popular among architects due to its stylish appearance.

Other truss system types, such as single pipe trusses, are employed as bracing components. These trusses can also be used as basic rods for hanging equipment and as connecting pieces.

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