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An effective approach to provide a location for plays and concerts is to have an outdoor stage. There are numerous sorts of outdoor stages, and many of them are appropriate for various kinds of performances. Amphitheaters, stage parks, and other kinds of outdoor stages fall under this category.


Modern outdoor music venue Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre is situated in Cobb County's southern region. The Cobb County and neighboring area benefit from the Amphitheater, which was constructed with the help of a state grant. Local musicians can perform there. This open-air performance space is reminiscent of ancient Greek amphitheatres.

Numerous local acts, including Shania Twain, Rob Zombie, and Bob Dylan, have performed at the Amphitheatre. Numerous athletic and cultural events are also held at the venue. Off two major freeways, the Amphitheater is ideally positioned. Renting of this facility is possible. The venue offers visitors a number of changing rooms and restrooms.

The Amphitheater has a sizable grass that is accessible to guests with disabilities. The lawn is perfect for casual seating because it is hidden behind rows of formal seating. Concrete paths that are ADA-accessible layer the lawn. There are two cozy sitting areas on the lawn as well. It is completely accessible and a fantastic area for visitors to bring blankets and small coolers.

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