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speaker truss stand

Whether you're a professional musician, a DJ, or a DJ student, having a speaker truss stand can help you to get the most out of your performances. The stands come in different sizes and shapes, and allow you to customize your equipment. They also come with a crank feature for easy movement. You can adjust the height, and even hoist heavy equipment using them.

Adjusting the height

There are several ways to alter the height of a speaker truss depending on the type and model of your truss. This can be accomplished with the proper equipment or a trussing stand. Sandbags can also be used to strengthen the base's solidity. To correct the imbalance in a column-type model, you may need to add weight to the base of the truss.

When employing a single loudspeaker, the trussing stand is a highly handy technique to modify the height of the speaker. The stand has a truss crank stand or a crank gear system that allows you to adjust the height from 60" to 114". It also has rubber rest pads to help it stay in position. The trussing stand also functions as a light lift stand. The crank gear mechanism is simple to use and requires very little effort. In addition to the crank gear, the trussing stand has two interlocking poles, making it extremely adaptable.

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