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spigot truss system

Whether you are constructing a small stage or a large arena, a spigot truss system is the optimal solution. It can support anything from a simple truss or truss arch to a full-sized stage and is simple to install. The adaptability of this truss system is what attracts so many users to it.

XSF Truss

XSF is a manufacturer of trusses based in Sulphur Springs, Texas. It has been in operation for close to two decades and has worked on numerous projects. They contributed to the Huntsman Arena in Salt Lake City and the Tacoma Dome in Washington. In addition, they have participated in numerous production setups throughout the nation. Their expertise includes the construction of all types of performance venues.

Their truss or aluminum spigot truss is made from an aluminum alloy with the designation EN AW-7003 This truss is designed for high strength applications and can support up to 22,500 pounds of weight. In addition, they provide a variety of truss accessories. Included among these are wedges, indexable forks, and gates.

Additionally, XSF offers a selection of shackles, slings, and half couplers. These components aid in securing the truss to the mounting structure. Additionally, they have a pin puller that makes it easier to remove stubborn pins. The XSF pin puller has a weighted handle and utilizes standard XSF 3/4" clevis pins.

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