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stage podium

A stage podium can enhance your performance, whether you're a comedian, singer, or dancer. There are, however, a few key things you should be aware of when using a podium.

Common uses

The podium is typically a raised platform used by speakers in public. It serves as a basis as well. There are numerous further uses, though.

Conductors and orchestra conductors stand on a podium. For public speakers, it also functions as a standing desk. Additionally, many lecterns feature electronic components including computer and iPad plug-ins.

In churches, classrooms, and auditoriums, lecterns are frequently utilized. Additionally, readings from non-sacred books are done using them. Churches used lecterns for the first time in the fourteenth century. Lectern readers were the term used for lecturers in medieval universities.

Originally, lecterns were constructed of wood or Plexiglas. Lecterns are now constructed from premium aluminum truss. They are portable and light in weight. They are ideal for presentations at trade shows and for travel. They are ideal for product demonstrations as well.

Acrylic and heavy wood were originally used to create lecterns. However, North America uses the wrong naming scheme for lecterns. Etymology does not support it. However, in everyday usage, the different naming style is unimportant.

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