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truss black

Being able to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your truss is made possible by using a truss black totem or truss cover. However, you also need to remember that a truss black totem needs to be installed correctly. You might want to ask an expert truss installer for guidance if you're unsure of how to install it.

Light Duty Truss

The Light Duty Truss will fit your needs whether you're organizing a small wedding, a big corporate event, or just need a sturdy, reasonably priced truss to mount your stage lighting. Light Duty Truss is constructed from 6005A-T6 aluminum by welders who have attained the AWS D1.2 certification. The industry standard product is perfect for applications with low ceiling height because it has a number of useful features, such as the capacity to span up to 14 meters. In addition, it is made by a renowned company with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

With the notable exception of the F33 Global Truss, the Light Duty Truss outperforms all other truss products in terms of value, quality, and practicality. It is an ideal choice for any kind of event because it is genuinely scalable.

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